Williams Farm Solar Hot Water System Photos
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Iwalani's Voyage Around the World
Weekly logs of Iwalani's three year circumnavigation written by Philip Shelton, Amy P. Wood and Stewart the Cat.

small wv book

The "World Voyagers" Book
A true story of the three year circumnavigation by Philip Shelton, Amy Wood and Stewart the cat. From designing and building a 42 foot wooden cutter "Iwalani" to sailing around the world— this is not a watered down, sugar coated tale, but a "no holds barred" account of just what it's like to live a "dream."

20 tube solar collector

First setup with one 20 tube collector, 40w PV and 3-10w adjustable box on table

60 tube solar collector

Final 60 tube array and location of 3-10w PV box

Solar hot water collector icing

Collectors added 93,855 btu'S to storage tank, covered in ice and snow, on January 21, 2010

bad evacuated tube

white cloud at bottom of tube means it has lost its vacuum

MIC eagle2 pv differential controller

eagle2 controller (at night) collector at 38.2

stss tank and plumbing

328 gallon stss tank and plumbing layout

stss heat exchangers

stss exchangers

dlj flow meter

dlj flowmeter

tankless water heater bypass plumbing

tankless hot water heater bypass

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Check the progress of Phil's Tundra Kit Plane


Paintings, Artwork and Blog of Dr. Amy Peters Wood.


Building the 65' schooner "Janet May"